Y-litter born 18 March 2021

18 May 2021
Only a few more days before moving to your new homes…

11 May 2021
Playing with Ös

5 May 2021
More play fun

20 April 2021
First play session outside…

18 April 2021
Four weeks… the cutest little baby’s…

8 April 2021
We are three weeks old today. Hurrayyyyyy

26 March 2021
Sharing more cuteness…

25 March 2021
They are here! 7 beautiful puppy’s. 6 female and 1 male. Well done you, sweet Ånna! You’re a wonderful mummy already! Let’s keep fingers crossed that everything continues to go well for all of them…

January 2021
AC & Ånna met and hit it off 🙂
Ceben Ånnah (Ånna) – Breeder: Cia Norberg
Saltmarshe Celebration (AC) – Breeder: Ingrid Walder
To pedigree (on Fleckenbase)