槍 Welcome to Yavelin!              

Our field spaniel adventure started in November 2011, when we got Yari (Ceben Yanko) from Cia Norberg, Kennel Ceben in Sweden. A wonderful boy that taught us how to be good doggie parents and opened up a whole new love in our lives. Yari lived for only 6,5 years and we were devastated when we lost him.

Dear Ånna (Ceben Ånnah) was our little savior. We got her also in Sweden in May 2017 and she got to play and learn from Yari for about 8 months.

Ös (Ceben Öz) is our third fieldie from the same kennel.

Around April 2020, we decided we wanted to try and breed a nice line of field spaniels in The Netherlands, with the help from Kennel Ceben.

If you want to contact us, leave a message per email on: mail@yavelin.nl


The story of the Yari’s

When we went to get Ceben Yanko in 2011, we named him after his little brother who was still waiting for an owner; Yari. Who would have thought that the future owners would also live in The Netherlands and who would have foreseen that we became best friends. And so did the Yari’s. They both lived too short lives but they touched our souls for eternity. We love you, Yari’s!
And we are forever grateful to Kennel Ceben who gave us such wonderful dogs ♥